Applied Innovation in Organization Design and Development

We Are

A privately-held company headquartered in Silicon Valley, south of San Francisco. Our core competencies are organization design and development and strategic change management. While evolving in form, our practice has been in continuous operation for more than 22 years. We integrate practical business methods with compassion and concern for the people who devote their lives to their jobs, their companies and their customers.

We commonly work on projects throughout North America. We have also undertaken extensive organization development and change management assignments in Africa and across Europe.

We Serve

Large and small companies representing nearly every SIC (Industry) code. A partial list of past and current clients includes:

  • Daimler Trucks (Manufacturing)
  • Delta Airlines (Travel)
  • Enterprise Development Group (Professional Services)
  • Fidelity Investments (Financial Services)
  • Goldfarb and Lipman LLP (Professional Services)
  • Habitat For Humanity (Community Development)
  • Hewlett-Packard (Computer Manufacturing)
  • Hills Consulting Group, Inc. (Professional Services)
  • Hobart Industrial Equipment (Manufacturing)
  • Intel (Computer Manufacturing)
  • Johnson & Johnson (Consumer Products Manufacturing)
  • KLM Royal Dutch Airlines (Travel)
  • May Company Department Stores (Retail)
  • MeadWestvaco (Packaging, Consumer Products)
  • Mobil Oil South Africa (Oil and Gas)
  • Panera Bread Company (Food Service)
  • Pine Bush Equipment (Heavy Equipment Dealership)
  • Royal Caribbean International (Hospitality)
  • Scandinavian Airlines (Travel)
  • Stanford Research Institute (Scientific Research)
  • Swissair (Travel)
  • Texas Health Resources (Acute Care Hospitals)
  • Thomas Built Buses (Manufacturing)
  • UPS (Package Delivery)
  • Verizon Wireless (Telecommunications)

We Believe

Our experience over the past 22 years has gradually distilled and revealed the essential principles that govern our practice, as summarized below.

Principle #1

Businesses succeed when they clearly understand and efficiently deliver against targeted customer needs and expectations. Business processes provide the means to target customers, clarify customer needs, and manage delivery efficiency. Rather than viewing business processes in isolation, an organization can be conceived of and managed as a set of inter-related business processes that, functioning together, yield the customer (and employee) experience. Even for companies that haven't actively worked on their business processes, process-based organization design provides a superior approach for rethinking organizations. This is because process-based organization design plans the organization from the perspective of its core task: efficiently meeting the needs of targeted customers and other stakeholders.

Principle #2

Human effort has a large discretionary component. Unlike machines, people decide every day how hard to work and how to apply their efforts. Since the dawn of the industrial revolution, and perhaps well before that, some managers have tried to treat people like machines. This doesn't work. Human resources perform best when treated like the humans they are. The more we engage human bodies, emotions and spirits as well as human minds, the better people are capable of performing. This principle applies not only to employees, but also to every role whose contribution is important to the success of an organization, including customers, shareholders and other key stakeholders.

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