Applied Innovation in Organization Design and Development

Ten New Standards for Meeting Room Design

Working as an organization development specialist and professional meeting facilitator for more than twenty years, Sharon J. Heringer has planned, conducted, and participated in more than 1500 meetings, held in every conceivable meeting environment. Based on these experiences, Sharon distilled ten new standards for effective meeting room design to serve the needs of meeting participants, meeting planners and facilitators, and venue providers in pursuit of their respective goals. Her article, "Ten New Standards for Meeting Room Design," was recently published in the practitioner's journal of The NTL Institute for Applied Behavioural Science, Practising Social Change. Download a free .pdf copy of the article from this page.

Triple the Benefits from Your Facility Redesign Project

For many companies, workplace is a significant business expense. According to the IRS, rent and depreciation expenses average six percent of total costs across all US corporate returns. For most businesses, however, payroll and related expenses are even greater. Payroll-related costs average 14 percent across all US corporate returns, more than twice average rent and depreciation. As a result, workplace innovations that improve both labor productivity and workplace costs offer triple the potential business and financial benefits compared to projects that only reduce workplace costs.

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