Oaktender Home Ranch

Native Oak Refugia

Native Tree & Plant Nursery

We are a wholesale nursery specializing in native oaks and related tree & plant species.

Working Sheep Ranch

Our sheep help maintain the oak savannah ecosystem while providing lambs, wool and targeted grazing services.

Sheep Dog Training Center of Excellence

We breed, train and trial our own herding dogs. In the future, we plan to offer occasional training clinics and herding trials.

Refugia are "places of shelter"

Time measured in millennia, partnering with diverse flora and fauna, playing across extensive variation in soil, rainfall, sunlight, elevation, and terrain, designed California's rich natural beauty.

With such habitat diversity, closely evolved creatures like long-lived trees, fixed to one location, can find it difficult to adapt to even modest changes in temperature and moisture. Coast Live Oaks, some hundreds of years old, may find themselves rooted in ground no longer hospitable to them, and Sudden Oak Death occurs.

Refugia (plural) is an ecology term referring to locations within a distressed ecosystem where specimens are protected. If conditions return to a previous state, these specimens become a source of genetics to repopulate larger areas. A forest stand that escapes a wildfire destroying nearby trees is an example of a refugium (singular.) After the fire, the surviving stand can reseed the surrounding area.

We support the vision that humans can repair our climate. In the meantime, we will protect native oaks and related plant species at our site and other host sites.

Whole Spring Lamb, custom cut and wrapped, is now available.

There are places where the natural world and the human spirit are not in opposition, but instead marry to create the possibility of extreme aliveness. That possibility is what we serve.

We are Oaktenders

Our mission

Celebrating California farm life

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Oaktender Home Ranch
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