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We use a flexible organizational model, building the best team for each client and project from a network of North American providers. Our team members are all highly-experienced and seasoned practitioners. We select and manage the best providers for each engagement, often bringing together diverse skill sets, including strategy, organization and design, to yield highly innovative solutions. Current staff and recent partners include:

Sharon J. Heringer

Sharon J. Heringer is President of Intentional Design Inc. and has a 22-year track record improving business performance through organizational design, strategic change management and business process transformation. She holds an MBA from the Harvard Business School and has formed and led interdisciplinary and inter-company teams on transformation projects across North America, Europe and South Africa, within industries representing nearly every SIC code. After ten years spent working for two large consulting firms, Sharon founded Intentional Design Inc. in 1999. She is a skilled writer, speaker, meeting organizer, trainer and facilitator.

At Intentional Design Inc., we focus on improving each client’s ability to define, target and delight their customers and other key stakeholders more powerfully, reliably and efficiently. Example projects include:
  • We enabled a $700 million manufacturer to develop a bold new customer experience vision, supporting business processes and teams, allowing them to be more competitive and grow their market share by 25% in a mature industry. Rethinking how the company delivered value together with its national dealer network to common end user customers was a critical part of the solution.
  • We led a $70 million dealership in redesigning their inventory management processes and organization. New designs reduced inventory investment with faster inventory turns, a higher percentage of orders filled immediately and lower process operating costs. Within one year after the redesign was completed, this dealership was recognized by their primary manufacturer for having the best inventory management performance of any dealer in the nation.
  • We designed and delivered a project to help a $4 billion global transportation company improve 20 of its highest value business processes. Due to quick wins identified and implemented during the project, immediate financial benefits paid off our fees within six weeks.
  • We served as project manager on a yearlong engagement that successfully enabled a group of 13 acute care hospitals to reorient their business and operational focus around the patient and family journey through the system.
  • We improve workplace performance by integrating process and organizational design with architectural and interior design methods. We have hired architects and interior designers and collaborated with them to perform projects such as the workplace transformation of a 15,000 square foot legal office in Oakland City Center.

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Norah Brown

Norah Brown has worked for more than 28 years in the contract furniture industry and is an expert in creating exciting and flexible work environments, including space analysis, budget preparation, furniture selection, corporate standards and project management. From 1987 to 2010, Norah served as a senior account manager at Pivot Interiors, currently the largest Northern California distributor of Herman Miller products. Norah collaborates with Intentional Design Inc. to design, staff, manage and deliver innovative Workplace by Intentional Design® projects.

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Michael R. Hills

Michael Hills is President of Hills Consulting Group, Inc. and is a senior consultant specializing in strategic management and business transformation. Michael's professional career spans over 30 years helping global clients across a wide range of technically-oriented industries gain market share while simultaneously improving financial, operational, market, and customer performance. He is deeply experienced in improving the strategic marketing effectiveness of manufacturers and dealers in B2G, B2B, B2C, and B2E environments across industries. Michael’s academic credentials include a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering with an automotive design and development emphasis and an M.S.B.A. with a strategic marketing management emphasis.

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John Hoover, PhD

John Hoover, PhD, has authored more than a dozen published books on Leadership and Organizational Behavior, including the New York Times bestseller, "How to Work for an Idiot."

During his lengthy career in organizational development, John has specialized in management development, executive coaching and communication strategies. He is currently on the faculty at the American Management Association and Fielding Graduate University.

Prior to earning his doctorate in Organizational Systems and Media from Fielding Graduate University, John worked at both McGraw-Hill and The Walt Disney Company.

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Traci Shoblom

Traci Shoblom provides expert support to individuals in need of job coaching, business coaching and life coaching, and recently developed an in-depth capability in health coaching by earning Master's Level Certificates in Whole Health Education and Whole Health Coaching.

Transitions, whether related to career, job and business changes, or to personal and life changes, experienced positively or negatively, can be stressful and challenging to work through. Traci’s coaching style is that of an experienced, caring friend and supportive mentor. She offers practical guidance and emotional support to help you persist and work through your challenges and transitions while gaining a growing sense of mastery.

Traci earned a B.A. in Psychology from USC and an M.A. in Organizational Psychology from the California School of Professional Psychology. Traci was introduced to coaching while working with her first coaching mentor, Dr. Marshall Goldsmith, Founding Director of Keilty, Goldsmith and Company, and one of North America’s premier executive coaches.

During 18 years as a professional coach, through her own practice and association with companies like Keilty, Goldsmith and Company and Nightingale-Conant, Traci has coached more than 500 executives around the globe. She has provided services to companies as diverse as ExxonMobil, Johnson & Johnson, Budget Car Rentals, GTE, Sun Microsystems, Nortel and Northrop Grumman.

An accomplished freelance writer, Traci has written numerous audio programs and workbooks for Nightingale-Conant. The audio programs include "The FlexBrain Method," "The Richest Man in Babylon," "Focused Mind, Powerful Mind," and "The Top 2%: How to Become the Highest-Paid, Highest-Profile Person in Your Industry." She has written the workbooks for more than 50 Nightingale-Conant audio programs, including health and wellness titles such as "The Five Forces of Wellness," by Dr. Mark Hyman, and "Mind/Body Nutrition," by Marc David.

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Lisa Welty-O'Hare

Lisa Welty-O'Hare is a wonderful interior designer who has worked with Intentional Design Inc. on three projects, including renovations to our own live/work building in Mountain View, CA and a workplace transformation project for an Oakland, CA law firm. Before opening her own practice in 2009, Lisa was the Interior Design Manager at Steinberg Architects in San Jose, CA. She has a special gift for inventing beautiful color palettes, inspiring the name of her firm, Colorworks.

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"Sharon has an amazing ability to scope the challenge, consider the implications and resolve the solution with crystal clarity and a novel approach few competing solutions can offer. Her professionalism is extraordinary."
Scott Douglas Redmond
President, Clever Homes

Why I Prefer A Project Model of Organization For Intentional Design Inc.

"I had a pivotal experience in 1997, while working at the second of two large management consulting firms I was employed by over a ten-year period after graduate school. I had designed, helped sell and was the project leader for a large organizational development project at a major U.S. airline (more than $2 million in professional fees.) Within the firm we did not have staff members with all the necessary skills to deliver the project, so I recruited two independent consultants to work with us on our project team. During the course of the work, I was deeply impressed by the skills, service levels and professionalism the outside consultants brought to our team.

"After that, I wanted to try working mainly in this project form of organization, with relationships based on trust and mutual respect rather than golden handcuffs. Since founding Intentional Design Inc. in 1999, I have enjoyed the opportunity to work on significant projects with highly skilled and innovative teams of experienced practitioners using this form of organization. In fact, I still work from time to time with Dr. John Hoover, one of the two independent consultants I originally hired in 1997.

"After working for more than a decade under each model, I firmly believe our flexible services arrangement allows us to deliver more value to clients than does a traditional services model. Our team members are all highly experienced and seasoned. We are able to select the best providers for a specific project rather than trying to find billable hours for a large, in-house staff. Our practitioners generally have lower overhead costs for offices and administrative support. The net result is that we are able to deliver more value at lower rates than traditional service providers."
Sharon J. Heringer
Intentional Design Inc.
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